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For parents

Encourage the development of your child's 
basic skills in mathematics and writing through 
playful training - scientifically proven.


100,000+ children benefited from our online learning softwares

45% more

correctly solved subtraction problems

32% less

spelling error after 3 months

25% less

 math anxiety

Making independent learning a reality

Personalized learning activities keep children entertained and motivated while adults recognize its educational value.

Calcularis for parents


Immerse your child in a comprehensive math learning experience that fosters deep comprehension and enjoyment. Our meticulously designed program ensures effective support for your child's mathematical journey.


Grafari for parents

Grafari (Orthograph)

Boost your child's spelling abilities effortlessly using our innovative online app, which utilizes captivating visuals and sounds to reinforce spelling patterns and minimize errors.


19 USD

per month
239 USD / year

24 USD

per month
149 USD every 6 months

32 USD

per month
98 USD every 3 months

Grafari [English, US]

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98.97 USD

every 3 months
32.99 USD per month

149.94 USD

every 6 months
24.99 USD per month

239.88 USD

per year
19.99 USD per month