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Award-winning learning applications that help children aged 6+ master fundamental skills in math, writing and spelling

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Helps practice mathematical operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for different number ranges, in a series of adaptive exercises and games. Numbers are displayed as digits, blocks and colours - thus multisensory training involves different regions of brain in learning math.

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Grafari (Phonics)

Helps acquire writing and spelling in German via phonological awareness. The app consists of building blocks of spelling. So, learners acquire German spelling step by step, and as a result, can express and assert themselves confidently and competently in a world full of information.

Grafari Personalized Training

Grafari (Orthograph)

Focuses on activating different regions of brain to train and automate writing and orthography skills. The app activates auditory and visual sensory channels to help build stronger connection between spoken and written language: words are learned with the help of color, shape, sounds and structures.

Grafari (Orthograph)

Writing Lab

Writing Lab empowers kids aged 4+ to develop writing talents.

Fostering creativity and language proficiency, it offers an engaging platform for teachers and learners. From idea generation to publishing, Writing Lab makes writing enjoyable and rewarding. Now available in German.

Constructor Schreiblabor

Science behind our applications

The efficacy of the applications has been scientifically proven through joint research with leading universities and multiple peer-reviewed studies


Multisensory approach

Self-paced learning

Reward system


Teacher support

Detailed reports

Inclusive learning support

Teachers about programs:

"I've seen a dramatic increase in my students' confidence and ability to take on challenging topics since implementing this program. It's truly amazing."

Anna Lee

"We’ve helped tens of thousands of students to achieve their personal best and fostered a love of learning over the years. Having a reliable ERP solution in place gives customers even more confidence in what we do, preparing students to achieve success now and into the future."

Pia Baumgartner
Primary School Teacher

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