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Race lens: A machine intelligence-based application for racing photo analysis

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Andrei Boiarov, Dmitry Bleklov, Pavlo Bredikhin, Nikita Koritsky, Sergey Ulasen. In the International Sports Analytics Conference and Exhibition (ISACE) 2023 workshop.

This paper presents Race lens, a novel application utilizing advanced deep learning and computer vision models for comprehensive analysis of racing photos. 

The developed models have demonstrated their efficiency in a wide array of tasks, including detecting racing cars, recognizing car numbers, detecting and quantifying car details, and recognizing car orientations. We discuss the process of collecting a robust dataset necessary for training our models, and describe an approach we have designed to augment and improve this dataset continually. Our method leverages a feedback loop for continuous model improvement, thus enhancing the performance and accuracy of RaceLens over time.


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A significant part of our study is dedicated to illustrating the practical application of Race lens, focusing on its successful deployment by NASCAR teams over four seasons. We provide a comprehensive evaluation of our system's performance and its direct impact on the team's strategic decisions and performance metrics. 

The results underscore the transformative potential of machine intelligence in the competitive and dynamic world of car racing, setting a precedent for future applications.

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