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Data-Driven decision making in Higher Education: Leveraging analytics for institutional success

A foundational component for the success of higher education institutions in today's fast changing educational landscape is data-driven decision-making. Colleges and universities may increase operational efficiency, student performance, and financial sustainability by using data analytics to make educated decisions.


What is AI Proctoring?

Imagine yourself at home, with your laptop open and ready to take an important online test. There is complete stillness, and you are completely absorbed. Remembering the days of real auditoriums, with their stern invigilator patrolling the halls and palpable nervousness in the air, brings back fond memories of your school days. Now picture the invigilator as an unseen, unobtrusive watchdog who ensures fair play. Here you can discover AI proctoring.


What is the biggest problem in higher education?

The ever-changing world of higher education presents institutions with a myriad of intricate issues. Not only do these problems influence educational accessibility and quality, but they also significantly influence student achievement and the efficiency of educational institutions.


The capacity of institutions to provide high-quality education and guarantee student success is being threatened by a variety of issues as the field of higher education undergoes continuous change.